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How to Select the Right Coffee Vending Machines

With so many coffee vending machines and suppliers to choose from, finding the right one for your company needs is imperative in order to save you both time and money. Here is what you should consider when choosing a coffee vending machine.

The first tip is to choose a coffee vending machine with a large assortment of hot drinks to select from. It should be able to brew a variety of drinks including espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, as well as hot chocolate. Therefore, make sure that your vending machine supplier provides you with the flavours of coffee you want before making any finalizing decision. You should however be ready to pay more if you are looking for machines with vast selections of coffee and hot drinks.

The brand of your coffee vending machine also matters, you want to know which brands are reputable and most ideal for your needs. Machines from reliable and well-known brands are more likely to be high-quality although expensive than the other brands. It is wise to find out how long your coffee vending machine has been in operation in order to determine their knowledge and experience. This will assure you that they will provide you with a machine fit for your business and offer great services.

Before you purchase your coffee vending machine, find out where you are going to place it. The location will depend whether the vending machine should be plumbed next to water supply or if it has its water container. Those that have their own water supply are more preferable because you will be able to place it within the reach of an electricity socket.

Cofee vending machines can also come in to categories; coin-operated machines and free vend machines. A free vend machine does not include a payment system and they are used in companies to provide free drinks to staff and customers. You can also choose a coin-operated machine which lets people pay for their drinks and this can be effective if you are trying to recover the operation cost of your machine. You should also consider ones that accept cashless payments where your employees or visitors are able to pay using a credit card.

The sizes of these vending machines vary and you can choose to buy a small, table-top unit or a floor standing unit depending on your business needs. Therefore, determine the number of people in your company and the number of coffees required so you can determine the right size of coffee vending machine for you.

Find out what features the coffee vending machine has and inquire whether the supplier is able to customise it if you need additional features. Also, cleaning, descaling and refilling services can be included in the agreement or priced separately.

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